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COX3 Game of the Week & Inspired Performance

Watching the COX3 Game of the Week? You can help your school win $2,500 by voting for their Inspired Performance of the Game here on InfinitiMV.com - Click here to vote!

Once every week Cox Communications televises the Game of the Week on COX3 - the hottest high school football matchups in Orange County. Toward the conclusion of each telecast, the COX3 announcers decide the Inspired Performance of the Game, a particular act of exceptional effort, focus, or ability. You can vote for your favorite school right here on our website. Nominees from the season's pool of Inspired Performances of the Game can go on to win the grand prize of $2,500!

Simply put: voters (like you) decide from the COX3 nominations; at the end of the season the school's athletic department with the most votes receives $2,500 from Infiniti of Mission Viejo. Vote Now!

Play Descriptions

Video Playlists

2014 Video List

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  1. Week 1: Tustin Tillers
    In the first quarter, the Tustin Tillers were threatening in the red zone. Tustin Tiller Quarterback Alema Pilimai (#6) throws the pass to the corner of the endzone, Wide Receiver George Wilson (#8), with a back shoulder fade, catches the pass with one hand in double coverage and keeps his feet inbounds to score the Tustin Tillers first touchdown.
  2. Week 2: El Toro Chargers
    El Toro Chargers' own #3 Kaleb Fossum returns a punt in the 1st quarter for an 80 yard run that set the momentum for the rest of the game.
  3. Week 3: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Mission Viejo Diablo #9 Abrae Booker-Currin scores with a 93-yard kickoff return to extinguish their opposing team's momentum after having just scored a touchdown.
  4. Week 4: Woodbridge Warriors
    Woodbridge Warrior running back Alex Young (#1), helps clinch his team's win with a 3rd quarter kick return for a 75 yard touchdown.
  5. Week 5: Tesoro Titans
    In the 4th quarter with the Tesoro Titans up 21 to 14, Matt Buonochristiani picks up a fumble and runs the ball for 52 yards into the end zone, clinching the victory for the Titans.
  6. Week 6: SJH Stallions
    With the San Juan Hills Stallions trailing, quarterback Patrick O'Brien sends a 30 yard pass to #18 Haydn Gilman for a Stallions touchdown tying the game 14 to 14.
  7. Week 7: JSerra Lions
    At the 9:52 mark of the 4th quarter, JSerra's Running Back Edward "PeeJay" Vander runs the ball 66 yards for a Lions touchdown.
  8. Week 8: Santa Margarita Eagles
    Santa Margarita's Running Back #21 Rick Ellison seals the Eagles' win by running in a 23 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.
  9. Week 9: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Mission Viejo's Brock Johnson throws a 49 yard pass to receiver Abrae Booker-Currin who runs it in for a touchdown to cinch the win for the Diablos.
  10. Week 10: Northwood T-wolves
    #17 Barry Baker makes a 63 yard Timberwolf touchdown pass and run from quarterback Brian Abel, to solidify the League win for Northwood in the 3rd quarter.
  11. Week 11: San Clemente Tritons
    San Clemente's #83 Liam Eldridge intercepts a pass in the first quarter advance the Triton lead.

2014 Inspired Performance Playlist (All Videos)

2014 Winner

Congratulations to the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Eagles for an incredible Week 8 performance and for edging out their competitors with 32% of the votes collected throughout the year.

2013 Video List

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  1. Week 1: Capo Valley Cougars
    Capistrano Valley Cougar William Biehn runs 78 yards inside of the Patriot's 5 yard line with less than three minutes remaining in the game.
  2. Week 2: CDM Sea Kings
    During the fourth quarter, Corona Del Mar defense player Brett Greenlee intercepts Laguna Hills Hawks' Cameron Bondy to stop momentum and clench a Sea Kings win.
  3. Week 3: Mission Viejo Diablos
    On a third-and-five, Mission Viejo Diablo Ian Fieber connects with Andrew Schuurs who keeps his feet in bounds for a 31 yard completion under pressure.
  4. Week 4: CDM Sea Kings
    In the 3rd Quarter at 3rd Down and 3, Corona Del Mar Sea King Running Back Cole Martin runs a 22 yard run with help from his CDM lineman, then on 2nd and Goal CDM Quarterback Luke Napolitano rolls to his left and throws the 8 yard touchdown pass to CDM Wide Receiver Bo St. Geme.
  5. Week 5: JSerra Lions
    On the very first play of the game, JSerra Lions Quarterback Nick Robinson throws to Wide Receiver Dante Pettis who catches and runs for an 80 yard Touchdown pass.
  6. Week 6: Aliso Niguel Wolverines
    Aliso Niguel Wolverines' Nick Chapman throws a surgically precise 26 yard Touchdown Pass to Wide Receiver Ian Robertson, tying the game.
  7. Week 7: Woodbridge Warriors
    On 3rd and 32, Quarterback Ryan Goodman hands the ball off to Running Back/Wide Receiver Alex Young who proceeds to run a 81 Towndown run, beginning a Woodbridge Warriors lead that would hold for the rest of the game.
  8. Week 8: Mater Dei Monarchs
    Mater Dei Monarchs seal the game with a fourth quarter Justin Allen run down the sidelines for a 69 yard touchdown.
  9. Week 9: Trabuco Hills Mustangs
    With the game tied in overtime, Trabuco Hills Kicker Blake Cuzzupoli boots a 38 Yard Field Goal to win the game for the Mustangs.
  10. Week 10: SM Eagles
    Santa Margarita Eagles Quarterback KJ Costello drops a beautiful 44 yard pass right into Wide Receiver Kyle Sweet's hands for a touchdown.
  11. Week 11: SJH Stallions
    San Juan Hills Stallions kick returner Nathan Montelongo catches the ball, breaks two tackles, and runs 64 yards for a third quarter touchdown.

2013 Inspired Performance Playlist (All Videos)

2013 Winner

Congratulations to repeat winners Aliso Niguel High School Wolverines for a commanding Week 6 performance and a landslide 58% of the votes collected all year. Well done Wolverine Football!

2012 Video List

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  1. Week 1: Tesoro Titans
    Tesoro Titan quarterback, Matt Adam stretches for a clutch third down conversion in the game-winning drive.
  2. Week 2: SM Eagles
    Santa Margarita quarterback Johnny Stanton runs in a 53 yard uncontested touchdown to get things started in the first quarter.
  3. Week 3: Foothill Knights
    Knights Quarterback Jack Gilchrist connects with Julian Moss for a 76 yard touchdown, further extending a Foothill lead.
  4. Week 4: Capo Valley Cougars
    Capo Valley Cougar Ben Orem blocks a field goal attempt and Adam Gordon scoops up the loose ball for a 55 yard TD return.
  5. Week 5: Aliso Niguel Wolverines
    Nathan Cole dumps the ball over the middle to Brenden Mitchum who runs it in for a 50 yard Aliso NIguel Wolverines TD.
  6. Week 6: El Toro Chargers
    El Toro Charger Conner Manning hands off to Jacob Furnari who drags half of the defenders into the end-zone with him for a score.
  7. Week 7: El Toro Chargers
    In a surprise El Toro flea flicker, Conner Manning hands the ball off to Jacob Furnari only to receive a pass from him moments later for a Charger touchdown.
  8. Week 8: Servite Friars
    Servite Friar Travis Waller throws to Neil Pauu and drops a 58 yard bomb for a walk into touchdown territory.
  9. Week 9: Capo Valley Cougars
    Capo Valley Cougar Phillip O'Shea blocks a field goal attempt, giving Adam Gordon the chance to run the loose ball in for a TD.
  10. Week 10: Northwood T-wolves
    Timberwolf Kevin Norman fakes, bootlegs, and finds Jonathan Albright in the back of the endzone for the game-winning Northwood TD.
  11. Week 11: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Diablo Quarterback Ian Fieber hands off to Garrett Marino who powers straight up the middle for a Mission Viejo TD.

2012 Inspired Performance Playlist (All Videos)

2012 Winner

The Capistrano Valley Cougars rock the house with a Week 4 field goal block and almost 1,000 votes collected from the Cougar den. Well deserved, Capo Football!

2011 Video List

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  1. Week 1: Aliso Niguel Wolverines
    Wolverine Nick Carducci connects with Kyle Paris for a 40 yard Aliso Niguel touchdown.
  2. Week 2: El Toro Chargers
    El Toro Charger Jacob Furnari returns a kickoff 100 yards into the end zone to open the second half of the game.
  3. Week 3: Laguna Hills Hawks
    Laguna Hills Hawk Alex Salera runs in an agile 49 yard touchdown to complete a winning effort.
  4. Week 4: Trabuco Hills Mustangs
    Mustang Spencer Herson runs a recovered fumble back 72 yards for a Trabuco Hills touchdown.
  5. Week 5: NH Sailors
    Landon Gyulay, fighting with a defender, catches a 23 yard toss from Newport Harbor QB Cole Blower to bring the Sailors to within 5 yards of the goal line.
  6. Week 6: University Trojans
    Airborne Trojan Tyler Stanek catches a pass from University High School QB Zach Christy and dodges defenders along the sidelines to complete a 53 yard touchdown transaction.
  7. Week 7: SM Eagles
    In true Eagle style, Connor O'Brien picks off a pass and brings it into the big house for a 47 yard Santa Margarita touchdown.
  8. Week 8: Northwood T-wolves
    Northwood's Kevin Norman stretches out and makes the one handed touchdown catch off of a 25 yard pass from fellow Timberwolf Ricky Bautista.
  9. Week 9: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Doug Ruggles scoops up a fumble and jets into the end zone for a 35 yard Mission Viejo Diablo touchdown.
  10. Week 10: Tesoro Titans
    Tesoro Quarterback Matt Adam tosses the ball to Perry behind the line of scrimmage, who then passes the ball 22 yards to Forrest Dunivin in the end zone for a tricky Titan TD.
  11. Week 11a: Tesoro Titans
    Travis Wilson fakes a handoff and connects with Herbie Gamboa for a 54 yard Tesoro Titan touchdown.
  12. Week 11b: El Toro Chargers
    At a critical juncture, El Toro's Erik Pitts intercepts a ball in the end zone to deny a touchdown and return possession to the Chargers.

2011 Inspired Performance Playlist (All Videos)

2011 Winner

Doubling any other team's vote count, the Aliso Niguel Wolverines strike gold with a Week 1 Inspired Performance of the Game. Well played, Wolverine Football!

2010 Video List

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  1. Week 1: Trabuco Hills Mustangs
    Trabuco Hills' Andrew Walsh makes an acrobatic catch to swing the momentum in the Mustang's favor to begin the second half.
  2. Week 2: Tesoro Titans
    Tesoro's Andrew Facon recovers a fumble and returns it to the Titan big house for 6 points.
  3. Week 3: Trabuco Hills Mustangs
    Trabuco Hills Mustang Adam Gann brings down a catch and runs it to the end zone to complete a 73 yard play and begin a second half push.
  4. Week 4: Mater Dei Monarchs
    Monarch Victor Blackwell makes a reception and then brings it to the end zone to complete a 72 yard transaction for Mater Dei.
  5. Week 5: Aliso Niguel Wolverines
    In the first play of the game, Aliso Niguel's Diamond flea-flicks a quick pass to Kyle Paris on a trick play for a Wolverines 62 yard touchdown reception.
  6. Week 6: Laguna Hills Hawks
    Laguna Hills' Alex Salera dances a touchdown in from 28 yards to widen a Hawks lead.
  7. Week 7: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Dallas Kessman takes the ball to the bank from 80 yards out to score 6 points for the Mission Viejo Diablos.
  8. Week 8: Laguna Hills Hawks
    Brody Marino scoops up a loose ball and carries it 79 yards to score a tide-turning touchdown for the Laguna Hills Hawks.
  9. Week 9: Mission Viejo Diablos
    Diablo Mack Powell catches decisive 35 yard Mission Viejo touchdown just before half time.
  10. Week 10: Northwood T-wolves
    Northwood's Alex King pushes past defenders for a 25 yard Timberwolf touchdown reception.
  11. Week 11a: Laguna Hills Hawks
    Laguna Hills' Joey Thrasher blocks a punt to set up a future touchdown and eventual win for the Hawks.
  12. Week 11b: SM Eagles
    Johnny Stanton of Santa Margarita gets the pick like an Eagle in a crucial red zone attempt.

2010 Inspired Performance Playlist (All Videos)

2010 Winner

Stepping up to win the inaugural Inspired Performance of the Game, the Northwood Timberwolves claim victory with over 50% of the collected votes for the Week 10 spot. Well earned, Timberwolf Football!